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Vitabiotics Menopace Calcium Tablets – The menopause is a natural stage of life that every woman goes through. Thousands of women worldwide have discovered that Menopace With Calcium, the UK’s No.1 selling supplement for this stage of life, gives them effective nutritional support to help maintain health and vitality. Vitabiotics Menopace Calcium Tablets includes all the benefits of Menopace, but includes the extra support in order to help maintain healthy and strong bones. Menopace is specially formulated to pr advanced support for women during the menopause and with added calcium, it is there for women who are looking to help maintain healthy, strong bones too. Vitabiotics Menopace Calcium Tablets pr a unique all in one formula of 24 nutrients, combining the original Menopace multinutrients with 700mg of Calcium and 100mg Soya Isoflavone extract for extra support. It can be taken alongside or in dently of HRT. Menopace Calcium, High strength calcium, with vitamin D3: As we age our bone density can decrease due to the natural reduction in our oestr levels, so it is especially important to make sure we are getting enough calcium in our diets to help maintain strong and healthy bones into later life. Vitabiotics Menopace Calcium Tablets pr 700mg calcium, plus magnesium, zinc and vitamin D3, which are important to help facilitate bone mineralization and the uptake of calcium. Based on the latest research, Vitabiotics Menopace Calcium Tablets pr higher levels of ‘the sunshine vitamin’ D3 which is now known to play an essential role in many other areas of health, including the immune system. Maintaining Healthy Hormone Balance: With extra Soy Isoflavones – Soy is one of the richest natural sources of isoflavones, including diadzein, glycetine and genistein. These phyto-nutrients are widely recommended for women during later life. Menopace Calcium also includes zinc and magnesium, which are used by the body in the production of GLA (gamma linolenic acid) a prec r of the body’s own hormone like substances which help regulate changes in hormone balance. Overall Vitality & Wellbeing: Vitabiotics Menopace Calcium Tablets pr vitamin B complex, which is involved in the maintenance of the nervous system and has a well-established role in maintaining brain functi

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