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Imedeen Derma One Tablets (6 Month Bundle) are a twice-daily skincare tablet enriched with vitamins, minerals and a Marine Complex to combat signs of ageing that start happening to the skin in your twenties. The tablets reach the deeper layers of the skin that creams simply can’t get to and have been scientifically proven, in just 90 days, to benefit the appearance of skin leaving it brighter, more radiant and plump. As collagen levels start decreasing in your twenties, the first signs of ageing skin is that loss of a dewy, bright complexion. As moisture depletes and fine lines start to appear, it’s essential to get that healthy balance back in order to combat and prevent any future dryness and wrinkles. The Derma One two a day tablets have been designed to ensure skin is renewed from within so that a healthy glow reappears. Enriched with the brand’s exclusive Marine Complex, a blend of powerful proteins and proteins and polysaccharides with a deep-sea source, the tablets contain potent Amino Acids that work in a similar way to the skin’s own process of producing collagen and elastin. This key Complex is found in all of Imedeen’s products and helps skin stay plump, firm and dense. The anti-ageing superpowers of Vitamin C further work to keep the skin supple and protected, brightening the complexion whilst reducing any discolouration. The tablets have also been formulated with Zinc, an essential mineral for the renewal of skin cells and the maintenance of healthy complexion. Suitable for women aged 25-35, it is recommended to take the tablets for at least 12 weeks. 2 tablets should be taken each day with a meal.

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