Garlic 1,200mg – 120 Tablets



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What is garlic? Treasured by chefs and despised by vampires, garlic is fast becoming as famous for its health properties as it is for its tastiness. A relative of the onion, for thousands of years the garlic bulb has been famous for its therapeutic powers, associated with many benefits thanks to its numerous sulphur compounds. The most important of these is called “alliin” which, when combined with the enzyme “alliinase”, forms the active ingredient “allicin” that holds the key to garlic’s health benefits. Why choose Healthspan’s Garlic 1,200mg tablets? It is a heart health recipe created by our experts, containing ingredients your heart loves.* Our experts mixed a concentrated dose of garlic powder with vitamin B1 to support your cardiac function, and created smooth coated tablets to make them easy to swallow and reduce garlic odour and taste. Each tablet contains 400mg of concentrated garlic powder, equivalent of 1,200mg of fresh garlic. Made in the UK. *Contains Thiamin (vitamin B1) which contributes to the normal function of the heart.

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