Bio-Synergy Performance Caffeine Boost (120 capsules)



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Boost performance, with Caffeine boost FACT: Caffeine can boost performance, so swap your espresso for the Bio-Synergy Caffeine boost and get the full benefits. A number of studies have shown significant performance increases in various endurance disciplines following caffeine supplementation. Don’t ignore the science: In one study, elite runners improved their time in a treadmill run to exhaustion by 1.9% with caffeine. Caffeine boosted time to exhaustion in a cycling test by 15 minutes in another study. And in a study involving swimmers, caffeine was found to enhance performance in maximal-effort swims of up to 25 minutes’ duration. The scientific literature is pretty clear that, used correctly, caffeine does improve performance on the bike, especially short-term, high-intensity efforts. Bell and McLellan found that time to exhaustion during a high-intensity effort (80-percent VO2max) was greatly increased following caffeine dosing. So half an hour before you go out take 1-2 capsules and during a long ride consider taking a further 1 every 2 to 3 hours.

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