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Yeast Vite is the fast, gentle pick-me-up with caffeine and essential B vitamins for the speedy relief of mental and physical fatigue and general tiredness. Yeast Vite uses ingredients which work together to relieve tiredness and drowsiness when you need it most. The B vitamins in this product all work to release the energy from your food, easing tiredness and fatigue. Each tablet also contains 50mg of caffeine, a well-known stimulant which can help to relieve drowsiness. As well as helping to boost your energy, the B vitamins in these tablets have their unique benefits.: Vitamin B1: helps to maintain healthy nerves and muscles. Vitamin B2: helps to maintain healthy skin, eyes, and hair. Vitamin B3: helps to maintain healthy nervous and digestive systems. Features of Yeast Vite 100 tablets For healthy nerves and muscles Relieve tiredness and drowsiness No artificial sweeteners, colours or flavours Helps to release the energy from your food Maintain you skin and hair health

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