Vitamin D3 10μg – 4 month supply – 120 tablets



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Please note: This product was specially manufactured for a government contract but is no longer required. In line with government guidelines, the carton is missing some of our branding, and the foil blister does not have the product name or Healthspan logo on it. However, please rest assured this is still a Healthspan product and is the same high quality as the rest of the Healthspan range. What is Vitamin D? Often referred to as the ‘sunshine vitamin’, vitamin D3 is synthesised in the skin via exposure to sunlight and is essential for wellbeing. It has proven benefits to our immune health, and supports healthy bones, muscles and teeth. But national research has recently revealed that one in five of us has low levels of vitamin D. In the UK especially, the sun simply isn’t strong enough for us to make vitamin D in the winter months. Why is ours better? Unlike some vitamin D supplements, Healthspan use vitamin D3, the form naturally found in our bodies. Each tablet contains 10µg (400iu) vitamin D3, which is the daily amount recommended for adults by Public Health England.

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