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What Are Myvitamins Tanning Tablets? Myvitamins Tanning Tablets are a convenient, all-in-one tablet with Biotin to help support normal hair and skin from within. 1 This unique blend has been formulated with beta carotene as well as copper to help support normal skin pigmentation, (2) while the essential minerals biotin and selenium help maintain the condition of normal hair as well as skin and nails. 1,3 Why Use Myvitamins Tanning Tablets? With a unique blend of vitamins and minerals, our expertly formulated Tanning Tablets are the perfect choice if you’re looking for something to add to your beauty routine. Supplements containing copper can help to support normal skin pigmentation, (2) while beauty vitamins such as biotin contribute to the maintenance of hair and skin. What Works Well With Myvitamins Tanning Tablets? Our Tanning Tablets are a great source of zinc, selenium and vitamin C. For an expert blend of collagen, coconut oil, and vitamin C, shop our bestselling Coconut & Collagen Capsules. References 1. Biotin contributes to the maintenance of hair and skin. 2. Copper supports normal skin pigmentation . 3. Selenium contributes to the maintenance of normal hair and nails.

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