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Senokot Senokot 7.5mg Tablets Adult 20s are used for the relief of occasional or non-persistent constipation. Suitable for adults 18 years and over. Senokot 7. 5mg Tablets Adult 20s are incredibly gentle on your body to relieve occasional or non-persistent constipation. This reliable and effective laxative is made with natural senna, which is treated especially to yield a constant amount of active ingredient in each dose. This pr s predictable constipation relief without any side effects. Drug Safety Update: measures for stimulant laxatives. Stimulant laxatives should only be used if other laxatives (bulk-forming and osmotic) are ineffective. Children younger than 18 years should not use stimulant laxatives without advice from a prescriber and clinical guidance should be followed. Approved by Melanie King – Senior Pharmacist on the 17/09/2020. For more information, view our medical team

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